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Thankfully for Kandi, Kim and Kenya immediately got into it and pretty much everyone forgot that Kandi was in the basement too. It happened.” This makes me wish that part one of the reunion wasn’t aired and that they just got right to the good stuff.

Moving on to the reunion, Sheree shared, “I really can’t sleep the night before the reunion because you already know the shit is about to go down. You’re gonna have to rehash all of this stuff that you kind of maybe not want to talk about again, but you have to.” I’m sure most of the Housewives feel that way and it’s totally understandable. Sheree teased, “No one expected to hear that juicy tea that broke during the reunion.” Sheree didn’t get specific, but she did say, “Oh my god. Let’s be real, part one was pretty much just fluff and pretty much nothing shocking happened. When she was asked who had the hardest time at the reunion, Sheree said, “I would definitely say a couple people.

But getting an apology just isn’t enough for Sheree. And definitely for our kids seeing a positive environment with their mom and dad,” Sheree Whitfield explains about her relationship with Bob, sharing that she’s very excited about where they are today as parents.

, they did both parent their son after he was pulled over for driving under the influence.

I’m also happy that Chateau Sheree is finally done (allegedly) because yes, I’m happy for Sheree, but I’m also happy that the viewers won’t have to hear about baseboards and furniture shopping for another season.

While they are not dating and she has no plans of moving him into Chateau Sheree, they are getting along and they are co-parenting.

And after he apologized for cheating on her with several women, Sheree seemed to get a sense of peace in her life. I think it would have been so beneficial for our family.

Their amicable relationship was in stark contrast to how their relationship was several seasons ago.

The last time viewers saw Bob, Sheree was in a bitter fight with him over child support. #Jamaica #The Originals #The Unforgettables #The Whitfields A photo posted by Shereé Whitfield (@shereewhitfield) on Bob seems to realize that many of the show’s viewers don’t have a good impression of him and are hoping that Sheree stays away from him.

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