Vanness wu dating arissa cheo

Vanness Wu is an American-born Taiwanese actor and singer who is just as well known for his washboard abs as he is for his talents. Born on August 7, 1978, in Santa Monica, California, Vanness Wu made his acting debut as one of the F4 in the hit Taiwanese drama series “Meteor Garden” in 2001.After the series, the stars of the series formed the F4 idol group and released three studio albums and had many endorsements.He has since starred in many popular films and television dramas, including “Ti Amo Chocolate” (2012) and “Autumn’s Concerto” (2009), which is one of the highest rated shows of all time.In 2013, Vanness Wu married his long-time girlfriend Arissa Cheo.Similarly, celebrity couples in Tinseltown, such as the infamous Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez pairing, have a history of renewing their love for each other.Read on for the most high-profile Asian celebrity exes who rekindled the flame.Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse When the romantic flame extinguished: Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse first dropped the bombshell on us when their May-December romance came to light in 2002.

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They used to be very active, posting about and tagging each other in their respective Instagram photos.

Although photos of each other have been scarce, there seems to be no reason to worry as Vanness and Arissa are temporarily in different locations for work.

The marriage between singer-actor Vanness Wu and his wife, Arissa Cheo is reportedly on the brink of divorce.

Rumors have been recurring over the past two years that the couple is having problems in their relationship.

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