Updating xml file using xquery

I’ve never been one of those geeks who cares too deeply about execution plans as long as my queries run reasonably quickly. ” But this quirk does have two major impacts on XQUF. The second consequence of this XQUF quirk is that you cannot, therefore, query XQUF changes in the same command in which you are making them.Firstly, it means that your XQUF operations can be written in pretty much any order you like, which is nice. And that’s because those changes are not executed until the end of that command.But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here.Let me introduce you to the 5 basic XQUF operations.you can't use it to modify the results returned by a query.

Unlike element nodes, attribute nodes have text values.Previous versions of e Xist already offered some functions to execute XUpdate queries from within XQuery.However, this approach had its limitations, mainly due to the lack of integration between the XUpdate language and XQuery.XUpdate operations are specified in XML and the XUpdate processor uses its own instance of the query engine.To forward information from the XQuery to the XUpdate, one had to dynamically construct an XUpdate XML fragment, passing the required XPath expressions as strings.

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It also provides a way to perform multiple operations, while only reconstructiing the XML tree once.

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