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Coverings attendees can see exactly how to install a wide variety of new products and learn techniques to make tile and stone installations more successful.Sponsored by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), demonstrations will be given by TCNA members and NTCA staff.Instead we set the tiles onto a sticky adhesive mat [Mussel Bound] that bonds to the wall or even onto existing tile.Pair with a premixed grout and you have a project you can finish in a weekend.” "...[Mussel Bound] tenaciously grabs both tile and drywall, as well as existing tile or laminate.” “..peel-and-stick mat [Mussel Bound] goes up in minutes, so you can focus on the important part—setting the tile.” * View This Old House Magazine Installation Video Any type of glass, stone, porcelain, ceramic, metal, mesh-backed mosaics less than 144 sq in (12" x 12", 6" x 24", etc.) and less than 1/2" thick. Mussel Bound is moisture impermeable when used with Mussel Bound Waterproofing System Seam Tape.Most every other room has been clad in bead board or had the drywall replaced during remodeling, so these are the only two rooms left in our house with the vinyl wall board that comes in most mobile homes. Use a really good paint, one with a primer built in.In case you don’t know about it, they use this type of wall covering in a mobile home instead of traditional drywall because it comes pre-covered so it’s cheaper and faster to manufacture the home. I wiped mine down with a solution of dish liquid and water (just like dishwater) then wiped them down again with clean water to make sure they’re all free of gook & grime. I’ve just recently tried the new Glidden Performance Edge 3-in-1 paint, and I gotta tell ya – it’s really good stuff! I’ve been painting with it in my living room and I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m in love with it! For most folks I know that’s not an issue – but for those living with the vinyl walls in a mobile home, that right there is gold. I just paint right over the strips that hide all the connections in the dry wall on my walls, but you could take them off and caulk them if you’d like.Tile over surfaces such as drywall (including plaster or lightly textured),cement-board, stainless steel, glass, fiberglass, wallpaper, paneling, plywood, laminate and existing tile. Not for use in outdoor applications, floors, ceilings, steam rooms, shower floors and submerged projects.

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This unique tile adhesive eliminates the 24 hour dry time and mess of mortar or thinset, allowing your kitchen tile backsplash project to be completed in just one day.

Mussel Bound Adhesive Tile Mat is available nationwide at Lowe’s.

We are getting closer and closer to moving back to Charles Gardner Lane!

Wallboard is in place, plumbing nearly complete, paint being applied and basketball hoops being installed; it is a very exciting time to be involved with the James L. Exterior finishes are being applied and soon the landscaping and site work will begin as well.

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