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Interest was so high, that distributors Premier Farnell and RS buckled under the strain of preorders in February.

The former outfit later said demand was 20 times greater than its supply, with orders hitting 700 a second at one point.

If the hash sums match, the user authenticates successfully.

In my previous post, I tried to show how to install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, now I’ll show how to add target hosts to our Enterprise Manager system.

To make the IDs assigned to new users by default start at 5,000, change the Each user is a member of exactly one primary group and zero or more supplementary groups.

By default, when a file is created, the file's owner is its creator and the file's group is the creator's primary group.

When the first 10,000 devices shipped in mid-April, the organization graciously sent us a sample for coverage.

Along with a hands-on review of the Pi, today we'll be covering basic steps for setting up the computer and other elemental post-installation tasks to get you up and running with applications.

Oracle ORAchk and Oracle EXAchk provide a lightweight and non-intrusive health check framework for the Oracle stack of software and hardware components.

In other words, this should serve as a starting point no matter what you want to do with your Raspberry Pi.

We received a Model B (), which is powered by a Broadcom BCM2835 So C that includes a 700MHz ARM1176JZF-S CPU core, 256MB of RAM and a Broadcom Video Core IV GPU with Open GL ES 2.0 that supports 1080p at 30FPS as well as H.264 and MPEG-4 high-profile decoding for smooth Blu-ray playback.

The control of users and groups is a core element of Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration.

The user of the system is either a human being or an account used by specific applications identified by a unique numerical identification number called The recommended practice is to assign non-reserved IDs starting at 5,000, as the reserved range can increase in the future.

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