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In reality, because JGit is a rewrite from scratch of the tried-and-tested git core C code, it is still buggy, incomplete and unreliable.

Therefore, the Net Beans and Eclipse git plugins are still only beta quality, and pretty sucky.

One of the reasons we have put our Java FX PDF viewer is that Net Beans is not just an IDE for code development but a complete base for building Java applications on (without the IDE).

All the features you could possibly want are already in the Net Beans platform and heavily tested.

Because the module is Java code all the way, it should work better cross-platform modulo platform specific differences, such as file system behavior.

It is based on the Net Beans Mercurial module." ( Unfortunately, the key word in that quote is should.

Let’s look at how to change license header using Net Bean’s default feature first.

By default, Net Beans adds the following license text at the beginning of every Java file you created: And of course you want to change this meaningless license header.

In fact, Net Beans allows you to change this license header, as per the instruction right in the text of the default license.

I can create empty files just fine and I can load and run files already created but I can no longer create new classes. I have also tried purge and install Net Beans and download and use a new version of Eclipse (Mars 1) Any idea what's wrong?

Or how to get useful information for debugging/solving the issue?

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Well, they mostly work for browsing the contents of the repository, but there is a small chance that if you use them for update operations, they will corrupt your repository.

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