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More processing power that Cyclo DS i Evolution unlocks will come in handy when DSi homebrew is concerned.

Team Cyclops already supports the homebrew scene by shipping free dev units to developers.

The new i EVO DSi flash card from Team Cyclo DS is the first real DSi backup cart that support DSi only features such as the built-in camera and SD card access for storage.

Unlike other DSi Compatible cards that run in DS MODE on the DSi the i Evolution cartridge runs in true full DSi mode and so it can use the full potential of the improved hardware like the faster CPU clock.

Gateway 3DS offers the most advanced set of cards for playing NDS and 3DS rom, creating backups, downgrading your consoles firmware and enabling homebrew on the Nintendo DS, DSi and new 3DS.

Buy with confidence We sell only original carts that are flashed with the latest kernel that makes them compatible with all the latest console firmware versions. COM Which is better between these two Nintendo 3DS R4 and R4i Flash cards that is both priced at ?After some of my frustrating experiences getting some of my GP2X emulators to run, I was very happy with the simplicity of the Lameboy installation.Assuming your homebrew cart doesn’t require patching, all you do is download the executable file and put it in a folder with some Gameboy ROMs.(No camera or SD slot on it) Other features of the i Evolution flash card are very similar to the Cyclo DS Evolution, but the team has also come up with some new features to justify the purchase of yet another DSi Flash Card.i Evolution will include 8 MB of on-board buffer memory for speeding up file access speeds, which is four times larger than what we had on the Cyclo DS Evolution which came with just 2 MB. an European DSi console will be compatible wit the first firmware version, later firmware versions for i EVO will add support for Japanese and Chinese DSi handhelds.

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