Timer not invalidating

When I hit the key, I create a timer successfully, but the timer's event never gets called after I start the timer.. Invalidate" within On Paint does not give the form the opportunity to call the tick-event of the timer.

Nothing about drawing the control should be changing the way it should draw next time, and so there should be no reason to call Invalidate from within the On Paint handler. My application is actually a game, which is why On Paint has to be called so often.

We are going to build on our previous Tutorial 06 - Adding Real Time Updates to add annotations to a chart in a realtime context.

But, let's take a look at how can we add simple annotation like Line, Box or Text.

In practice, dispatch queues are more compelling: they are easier to set up and maintain, while offering better performance.

That said, there is still one thing that run loops make easier to manage: timers.

If you take the window and drag it to the bottom of the screen so only the caption is visible, it also stops updating: The message is used to paint the client area, and the client area is no longer on-screen.

For example, let's say, we would like to have a custom "text" annotation with "Y" text and place it on every X=100 position.In practice, I have found that using a run loop on anything other than the main thread is a painful experience.Fortunately, timers and delayed execution are also possible in the world of Grand Central Dispatch. The APIs are a bit intimidating, but thanks to Mike Ash, I did not have to fight too hard to decipher how to use them: the source code for MABGTimer is a great starting point, and it offers a familiar Objective C interface for managing a timer in a dispatch queue.In the prior tutorials we have familiarized with a great and powerful Sci Chart functionality.In this one we are going to play around with one more cool thing Sci Chart supports - Annotations!

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With MABGTimer, Mike introduces a simple concept, which I have found to be very powerful in many common situations.

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