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Contrariwise, a wealth of evidence has been unearthed that harmonizes fully with the Scriptural account.

Excavations in and around the ancient city of Babylon have revealed the sites of several ziggurats, or pyramidlike, staged temple-towers, including the ruined temple of Etemenanki inside Babylon’s walls.

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Skepticism as regards the Tower of Babel, denials of the existence of a Babylonian king named Belshazzar and of an Assyrian king named Sargon (whose names, up until the nineteenth century C.

E., were not found in sources independent of the Bible record), and other adverse criticisms as to Bible data relating to these lands have all been demonstrated to be without foundation.

Such is the measure of control exerted by today's academic establishment that they would not tolerate a revisionist movement from within.

2.4 Sir Isaac Newton, First of the Major Revisionists. So interested outsiders, including some brilliant scholars and innovative thinkers, who call themselves ancient history revisionists, are having to act as the accident investigators for this disaster.

4.5 Glazing Anomalies Resolved by The Glasgow Chronology 5.1 The James-Rohl Chronology. 5.3 D Rohl and the New Chronology; Will It Stand the Test of Time? He was one of the first to make the public aware that Egypt's ancient chronology was, and still is, badly wrong.

It is interesting that he also described the importation of wine from Syria, Armenia and Iran during this period.

Besides its association with the upper classes of society, cult use of wine in art and religion is evident in most prehistoric cultures.

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  1. The psalms, ancient Jewish songs, are the earliest prayer book we have, dating from the 5 century BCE. We pray words together that have been prayed for thousands of years. In some ways liturgical Christianity is a bit like a “Life-hacks” article on Buzzfeed.