Tfs warehouse not updating

(The only caveat being if you’ve put TFS under a non-standard virtual directory, in which case you’d need to replace the /tfs/ above with your virtual directory.) This will bring up the SOAP UI for setting the enabled states of various parameters.

For a full list of parameters for TFS 2010 For the collection Name value, enter your Team Project Collection name, leave the job Name blank, and enter Fully Disabled in the state field. Go back to the Warehouse Control Web Service page, and click the Get Job Properties.

For instance, we are currently moving a IBM Rational Clear Quest implementation to TFS 2010 for a client of ours.

Since we’ll want to run one or more test migrations, we’d like to have a separate TPC.

Introduction As a TFS user you generate data during your projects.All data that you gather in all of your Team Projects is written to this database.2 days ago I have a problem seeing my reports on the TFS and after the invistigation I solve part of the problem which is how to recreate the data warehouse and the analysis service for the TFS, my problem was that when you open any reports you find the following error Query execution failed for dataset ‘ds Iteration’. It’s pretty easy, and can be done in only a few steps.If you’re on a TFS app tier the URL is likely Foundation/Administration/v3.0/

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