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I see it kind of a "reverse session fixation" or "dangerous persistent sessions". An attacker can send a session cookie with any syntactially valid session ID to the server, and the server will spin up a brand new Session. Shameless plug: I wrote more about these vulnerabilities and workarounds in the Ethical hacking ASP.So I tried to find a way to remove the session on the server and none of the following (or a combination of them) works (Although content is cleared, the session itself remains active): Request. To prevent this attack you can create a Http Module which acts before the Session State Module on the pipeline and performs additional validation. Session clustering works but I am not able to set up proper session fixation protection.I want to force changing session id on login but my Hazelcast's session id never change with Hazelcast 3.6.2.

To use the session variables again, may be used for that. You do not have to remove obsolete session ID cookie because session module will not accept session ID cookie when there is no data associated to the session ID and set new session ID cookie.

But, if those headers are suppressed, the session and authentication still work, this is, neither the authentication state or session were removed on the server side. To prevent this kind of attack, you can manually embed some additional information about the client into the token.

This means there is no effective way to close a session as maybe the user's browser will "forget" the cookie, but anyone able to sniff the content can still have an active session on the system. The Session is also vulnerable, because the Session State Module does not check whether a session already exists for a given session ID.

The usual basic flow to handle session fixation prevention looks like: 1. Session is invalidated (Http Session#invalidate()) 5. If you notice these types of obvious malicious behavior, consider using something like to protect your app, and to be aware of the attack As you can see, session fixation is a serious issue, but has a pretty simple solution.

By doing a security review I noticed that authentication (. NET_Session ID) were removed from the client using a standard set-cookie header. So if someone steals the auth cookie (which is very difficult on the wire if you use SSL), the expiration date of the token in the cookie determines how long she can use it.

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I tried this on different environments: Tomcat 7 and 8, embedded Tomcat (using Spring Boot), XML config, Java config..

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