Radiocarbon dating oxcal

These identifiably "Indian" objects seem to offer some hope of gaining professional attention to the material as a whole, including the more controversial artifacts.

Thai nationalism is summed up by the expression “king, country and religion.” The land known today as Thailand has a long history of human habitation dating back to the Neolithic Period.

Excavations of settlements from the Bronze Age at Ban Chiang uncovered ancient earthenware believed to date from around 3600 B. The Mon, Khmer, and Tai tribes later migrated from southern China.

Presently, the Mon are settled in Myanmar and the Khmer in Cambodia, while the Tai set up their Thai city states, starting in northern Thailand, with three main cities: Lanna, Sukhothai, and Phayao.

n'est pas significative par rapport aux marges d'erreurs obtenues pour les périodes en question.

Pour les périodes récentes de la Préhistoire (Épipaléolithique, Mésolithique, Néolithique) et pour les périodes historiques, il est nécessaire de corriger les imprécisions des dates obtenues par la méthode du carbone 14, de les étalonner.

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