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For example it’s not uncommon to meet Cayo Largo lovers with more than twenty visits or more.

There are many isolated and deserted beaches in Cuba where naturism is possible but without being able to enjoy services and accommodation nearby.

Unfortunately, few others have chosen to replicate their research, possibly due to the reasons outlined by Yates.

This article will review and assess three relevant research studies: • Robin Lewis and Louis Janda's 1988 study, "The relationship between adult sexual adjustment and childhood experiences regarding exposure to nudity, sleeping in the parental bed, and parental attitudes toward sexuality"; • Ron and Juliette Goldman's 1981 study, "Children's perceptions of clothes and nakedness: A cross-national study"; • Marilyn Story's 1979 study, "Factors associated with more positive body self-concepts in preschool children." Childhood Influences On Adult Adjustment Lewis and Janda (1988) examined the relationship between adult sexual adjustment and childhood exposure to nudity, sleeping in the parental bed, and parental attitudes toward sexuality.

Of course, there are the French West Indies, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, but one must then increase the budget (compared to vacationing in Cuba), and in some of these resorts the more permissive atmosphere (swinging lifestyle) will not please everyone.

An interesting fact to note is that Cuban tourist poles with naturist beaches have a higher rate of repeat guests, which is mainly due to the presence of these beaches; loyal customers are a great asset to any hotel management.

The state's other clothing-optional campground, La Pines Ranch in Lacombe, shut down after Hurricane Katrina.

We visited Cayo Largo for the first time in March 1999 and we returned in December of the same year for the preparation of our first Cuba website,

And since then our love affair with this little island continues from year to year.

The purpose of our site is rather to talk about the naturist places that offer amenities and services.

Here are (to date) the clothing optional beaches which are part of All-Inclusive resorts : This is the most popular Cuban destination for naturism, the practice dates back to the early 80's.

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