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Later when Castiel returns to Earth in 8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin, he shaves his beard and restores his suits and tie, and cleans his trenchcoat in the process. While Dean has said throughout the episode that he doesn't agree with Marie's interpretation of the Supernatural story, in his final rallying speech to the cast he reiterates his difference of opinion, but that the show is Marie's interpretation and that everyone should go out there and "kick it in the ass." But I don’t like the characterization of teasing around Destiel or around any kind of homoerotic subtext that might appear around the brothers or whatever as queer baiting. Because I don’t think that – well, first of all that’s sort of a new and strange term to me, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on.

Fandom was amused that when he appears freshly scrubbed, Dean appears to shift uncomfortably in his seat, and press his hand over his crotch. There is a canonical deep freindshiup between the Winchesters, particularly dean, and Castiel. I also don’t think that same kind of aspersion would be cast toward someone who is teasing a heterosexual relationship, like the tension that builds between two male and female series regular characters on any given show that’s never consummated.

In the following year, he pursued a wide variety of interests, including a job at NPR headquarters, a White House internship during the Clinton administration, construction work, and an EMT certification course.

He then went on to the University of Chicago where he studied social theory.

The gang find the victim, the bad guys, and their story. In one scene in Abby's lab a screenshot shows two telephone calls, among others, to the "Culpepper" Cab Company, in the suburban town where the victim lives.

After college, Misha moved to Washington, DC with his partner Victoria Vantoch, a writer, and started an educational software company.

Then, on a lark, Misha decided to take an acting class, and soon found himself in the midst of a career change.

Having traveled in Russia and mastered the accent, Misha has been called on several times to play Russian characters in television series—most notably the villainous assassin, Alexis Drazen, on 24.

He has also appeared in seven independent feature films, most notably Stonehenge Apocalypse.

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