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"The twig snapped that day and I said, 'they're not going to get another one over on me.'" Deets thought, after this revelation, his ticket would be thrown out immediately, but the prosecution moved for a trial and Deets started the months' long battle of fighting for disclosure of the method and mechanisms used to accuse him.

Through this disclosure, Deets got a copy of the original photo including the crosshairs indicating where the operator targeted the laser, and sure enough, it was pointed at the white truck passing him. 27, the judge ruled in his favour and threw out the ticket.

his red Ford truck was recorded failing to obey the posted speed limit, travelling 40 km/h in a 30 km/h zone.

Deets noticed the front end of another vehicle, a white truck, partially obscuring the back of his vehicle in the photo -- where Deets' truck can be seen with its brake lights on approaching a red light -- and recalled another vehicle trying to pass him.

That is welcome news for Bell, who is eager to return and assess the damages.

“I wasn’t expecting to get back before four weeks,” said Bell.

Police began an investigation in January after receiving a request from a family member to check on the welfare of the 18-year-old alleged victim, who was believed to be in Calgary.

When you watch the video, and you see all the things they did to put the fire out and know where to look, it’s pretty impressive.To remove your public camera from this site and make it private, the only thing you need to do is to change your camera password.” There are tens of thousands of broadcasts from feeds around the world now flowing through this site, including more than a thousand from Canada.Essentially what’s happening is this: People purchase home security systems with cameras to get some peace of mind.Home security systems are getting cheaper every year, and ever more web connected.Today almost anyone can set up a security camera and have the image feed directly to their smartphone or a dedicated website.

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Police say the woman then allegedly took inappropriate photos of the 18-year-old without her knowledge and later used those photos to extort her into participating in sex acts for money.

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