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EU politicians gave the project its name, while energy companies and governments are attempting to breathe life into it by pushing for concrete projects.The best-known pipeline project in the southern gas corridor is Nabucco.

Here’s a neat graphic showing stature estimates for early hominins up through early Figure 12 from Masao et al. Original caption: "Estimates of predicted stature of fossil hominin individuals by species over time for the interval 4–1 Ma.The scientific theme of the paper is about body size and dimorphism.The species presumed to have made all the trackways is , the only species that has so far been reported from fossil remains at Laetoli, although the tracks at 3.66 million years old are a bit more ancient than any of the fossils. In 2010, Yohannes Haile-Selassie and colleagues reported a partial skeleton from Woranso-Mille, Ethiopia, some 3.6 million years old, which also seems to represent a large male individual, that stood just under 160 cm tall.Destitute and reduced to panhandling, he travels the country organizing the homeless to help him regain control of his steel mill.The film contrasts ideas of perspective, both real and imagined, through the recurring motif of a diving board -- limiting and precarious.

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