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We meet on a sunny Thursday morning in April, when Marine Le Pen, former leader of France’s biggest far-right, anti-immigration party, The National Front, is a candidate in the running to become president in the country’s May election.

‘I’m excited that [someone] can quit a party and still be favourite to be president and I’m appalled that National Front can be so huge,’ says Dermot, a self-confessed history and ‘politics nerd’ who has one big grumble about British politics: ‘I’m not a massive fan of our electoral system,’ he says.

The oil-soluble salicylic acid will go one step further than the cleanser and give your pores an even deeper clean.

Slightly heavier but still not overly emollient, the night cream is a great option for tired, aging or dry skin.

The 43-year-old took a year off from his hosting duties and admitted that he didn’t watch the series when he wasn’t a host.

O’Leary, in collaboration with Marks & Spencer, is launching a men's grooming range.Those that are least responsible for creating the problem, are the ones who are suffering the most. In 2007, it was announced he would replace Kate Thornton as the host of 'The X Factor', and he fronted every series of the ITV talent show until 2015, when he revealed he had quit.Livelihoods are being destroyed, people are forced to leave their homes and extreme weather events make widows and orphans. Here are 40 things that happen every time the billion or so hopefuls are whittled down to the final handful. Caroline Flack and Olly Murs later stepped into his shoes, but a year later, Dermot returned to the show after viewers failed to take to the duo.He’ll help find the National Treasure of 2015, taking his pick from Russell Brand, Stephen Fry, Miranda Hart and Sheridan Smith.For David, Comic Relief offers the perfect reason to donate to charity.

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