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And while non-monogamy is a fundamental characteristic, there are different types of open relationships, such as those in which both you and your partner engage in physical and/or romantic relationships with other people or just one of you does. If you’re considering having an open relationship, it’s important to keep in mind the different positive aspects of this kind of connection.

Being in an open relationship is a terrific option for people who don’t believe in monogamy, have failed at it in the past and/or simply don’t want to be monogamous, yet they still want to have a meaningful and long-lasting connection with a significant other.

We eventually broke up (for various reasons, most of which weren’t related to our openness), but since then I’ve remained interested in rethinking relationships—and it turns out I’m not alone.

I'm normally a cheerleader for open relationships, especially in my writing. I'm going to take a moment to explore some of the hard parts. Needing a Teleporter - It's always somebody's birthday at the same time as someone else's violin recital.

In Opening Up, a book on open relationships, author Tristan Taormino indicates that setting boundaries makes it easier for couples to determine what is acceptable within their relationships. A physical boundary refers to touching someone, a sexual boundary refers to having sex, and an emotional boundary refers to the level of emotional involvement.

For instance, if a couple decides that dating another person is fine, but kissing is not permissible, and sex is not allowed, it's establishing an emotional boundary (dating only), a physical boundary (no kissing) and a sexual boundary (no sex).

In an open relationship, both partners are free to engage in sexual relationships with other people while still remaining in a relationship with each other.

Beyond this, there isn't really a single definition for what an open relationship is, as partners who consent to this arrangement determine the parameters that apply within their relationship.

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