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Some months back I organized a dinner on Capitol Hill that brought together some former and current Russian officials with a number of prominent U. Republicans and conservatives, including two congressmen, a conservative magazine publisher, some journalists, and others.It didn’t seem like a particularly newsworthy event—just a routine opportunity for some top Washington hands to share views and perceptions with prominent counterparts from another national capital.During the 11th century, the grand dukes of Kiev held such centralizing power as existed.In 1240, Kiev was destroyed by the Mongols, and the Russian territory was split into numerous smaller dukedoms.Significantly, each of these agencies is the product of a successful marriage between a Western man and a Ukrainian or Russian bride. Parchomenko's new book is the first Ukrainian and Russian bride guide to provide a GPS-like roadmap for serious Western bride seekers.It makes all the major, hard decisions online and in-country any man will need to make in his bride search, including selection of a totally reliable, full-service marriage agency in Ukraine and Russia, and a scam-free apartment rental.It ran a 1,500-word piece exploring what it seemed to consider an intriguing phenomenon, captured in its headline: “” One thrust of the piece was that Moscow has initiated a “dramatic shift” in its efforts to influence U. domestic politics—namely, by cultivating an apparently unsuspecting American conservative movement.

For me and many others on the right, Russia is not the main focus, but a component of years of effort to advance a more realistic and restrained U. There is a long tradition of American noninterventionism dating back to our Founding Fathers, who had hoped to keep the newly formed United States free of the recurrent destruction caused by the recurrent European wars. George Washington, in his Farewell Address, advised posterity to avoid “foreign alliances, attachments, and intrigues” and to “observe good faith and justice toward all nations.

Russia has part of its roots in European culture where the ideas of goodness, honor, and freedom are understood as in the West. Russian blood is a mixture of Slavic, Finnish, and Tatar.

Kievan Rus had converted to Orthodox Christianity in 988.

The fact that the foreign capital was Moscow testified to the fact that I have been concerned about the rising bellicosity in the U. But then I have been concerned about the bellicosity of American foreign policy generally.

magazine, though, saw significance in the dinner far beyond anything I had contemplated.

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Approximately 85% of our profiled ladies live within minutes of our "sister office" located within the central Russian city of Togliatti (600 miles southeast and a 90-minute jet flight from Moscow) and the rest live within a 3 hour radius.

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