Dating rut

Give yourself a night/sufficient breather to get over the dating fatigue. Expand that criterion check-list If you have a rigid list of criteria for your dream date, chances are you might never get to check off all the boxes on that criterion-list.

Therefore, while it is advisable to know what your absolutely essential requirements and the complete ‘off-limits’ traits are, it is good sense to be ‘flexible’ on the other requisites.

If you are stuck in a rut, maybe some type of personal growth needs to happen.

These memories can be subconscious or buried so deep in our psyches that we aren’t even aware that we are acting on them.

Well, a new study has a surprising suggestion: Location, location, location.

Science shows that people really do tend to have a ‘type’ when it comes to dating, choosing the same characteristics in their romantic partners again and again. Whether you have a thing for the bad boys or for sassy women who wear glasses, why is it that we continue to pick the same type of person over and over again, even when it hasn’t ended well for us in the past?

If you are still sticking to that one person who you inevitably call/text at 2 a.m. Not only does it eat away at your valuable time and energy but also sucks you into that everlasting feeling of being emotionally unavailable for a new potential date.

because you’ve had a bad day at work, then it’s about time you snipped off the connection. This is far worse than having ‘no one’ in your life.

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