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Marijana's life revolves around her family, whether she likes it or not.

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In a world in which development and technological growth prevails, radio and television have come to be the ultimate media sources.

Croatia was among the first countries in Central and Eastern Europe to establish a radio station - to be more precise - on .

By the mid 1940's there were 23 television channels.

Great space and atmosphere, even outside the season.The 1950's saw tremendous progress in TV broadcasting, both in Europe and worldwide.One of the veterans of Croatian television vividly described the beginning of television, notably in his hometown of Zagreb , as an "array of pictures whirling in the air above Europe".'Besplatne online dating usluge često privlače ljude, no u odnosu na kat Sus ne nude mnogo svojim članovima', tvrde iz organizacije. 'Svaki dan novi članovi pridružuju se zajednici kat Sus, zato nije dovoljno samo jednom pretražiti naše članstvo.Uz godišnju članarinu povećavate svoje izglede da upoznate nekog posebnog', objasnili su.

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Na stranici su se pohvalili da su u prvih 12 sati postojanja prikupili sto članova, dio iz Hrvatske dio iz susjednih zemalja.

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