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First thing, I could never love you You sound like richy bitch yo, fuck you But if I did, I'd probably show you that I care By takin' all these other motherfuckers outta here I'd go through your phone book and wack 'em all Then find contestant number 1 and break his fuckin' jaw (What?

) Anyone who looked at you would have to pay I'd be blowin' fuckin nuggets off all day I'd grab your titties and stretch 'em down past your waist Let 'em go and watch 'em both spring up in your face I'd sing love songs to ya the best I can, get ya naked And hit it like a cave man Then we go to the beach and walk through the sand I throw a little in your face and say I'm just playin' As you spit it all out I rub your back and grab Your underwear and wedge it up your ass crack Well, it sounds like contestant number 2 is just overflowing With sensitivity, Sharon, it's a tough choice so far Sharon, let's have your last question and see Which one is gonna win the rights to your neden Okay, if we were at a dance club and you both noticed me At the same time, tell me, how would you each Get my attention and what would your pick up line be Whoever's the smoothest wins Okay, first I'd slide up to the bar and tell you That I can't believe how fucking fat you are I'd tell you that I like the way you make your titties shake And if you lost a little weight you'd look like Rikki Lake Fuck that, you'd be jackin' me quick I'd order you a drink and stir it with my dick And then to get your attention in a crowded place I'd simply walk up and stick my nuts in your face Yeah, freak her with your nuts, yo that'll get her Tell her that she's fat, yeah that'll work even better Look, fuck you, I got a strong rap shit you don't want He's mad whack, I walked into a bar and there he was Standing on a bucket tryin' to fuck it It was a big fucking smelly ass farm llama Damn dawg, how ya gonna dis your mama?

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When questioned about her reaction when she learned that he had been fired over the allegations, Swift replied that she wasn't going to allow the lawyer or Mueller make her feel like it was her fault.Mueller testified Wednesday that the photo taken before the concert was "weird and awkward," but he insisted that he touched Swift in the ribs, not in the rear.'He grabbed my ass underneath my skirt,' Swift said in court.Fast, And Furious Club - Faithless - Insomnia Club - Faithless - Outrospective Tracks Club - Faithless - Woozy Club - Fatboy Slim - Alan Braxe - Vertigo Club - Fatboy Slim - Armand Van Helden - Necessary Evil Club - Fatboy Slim - Art Of Noise - Metaforce Club - Fatboy Slim - Ceasefire vs. - Rap Club - Hard Time Tongiht Club - Ian Van Dahl (feat.Deadly Avenger - Evele Knievel Club - Fatboy Slim - DJ Stew (feat. Marsha) - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix) Club - iio - Rapture Club - JDS - Nine Ways (Original Mix) Club - Jeopardy Theme (Techno Remix) Club - Joey Beltram - Energy Flash Club - John Digweed - Global Underground Hong Kong - Part 1 Club - John Digweed - Global Underground Hong Kong - Part 2 Club - Jonzun Crew - Space Is The Place Club - Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness (Long Version) Club - Joy Kitikonti - Joy Energizer Club - Juvenile - Back That Azz Up (Techno Remix) Club - Korn - Freak On A Leash (Techno Remix) Club - Kosheen - Hide U (John Creamer & Stephanie K Remix) Club - Kung Fu Fighting (Remix) Club - Lange - Drifting Away (Original Mix) Club - Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face Club - Le Ann Rimes - Can`t Fight The Moonlight (Remix) Club - Leftfield - 6-8 War Club - Leftfield - A Final Hit Club - Leftfield - Afrika Shox Club - Leftfield - Afro-Left Club - Leftfield - Black Flute Club - Leftfield - Chant Of A Poor Man Club - Leftfield - Double Flash Club - Leftfield - Dusted Club - Leftfield - El Cid Club - Leftfield - Fanfare Of Life Club - Leftfield - Original Club - Leftfield - Phat Planet Club - Leftfield - Shallow Grave Club - Leftfield - Snake Blood Club - Leftfield - Song Of Life Club - Leftfield - Storm 3000 Club - Lisa Marie Experience - Keep On (Bizzare Inc Mix) Club - Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind Club - Marcel Woods - De Bom 2001 Club - Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony Club - Max Graham - Boys vs.

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Let's meet contestant number 1 He's a schizophrenic serial killer clown Who says women love his sexy smile Let's find out if his charm will work on Sharon Sharon, what's your question?

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