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Instead of all of the dreamy dates that you've been conditioned to expect, you can [9 times out of 10] expect "Netflix and chill" -- a popular term for casual hookups with no expectations other than sexual favors.Friends with benefits, "Netflix and chill", bed buddies -- whatever you want to call it, "hookup culture" is the norm in college.We’ve discovered the top 10 most romantic flowers of all – and the secret symbolic meanings behind these beautiful blooms. We give flowers to show both intimate and platonic love, and in both happiness and sympathy.

This can be even more difficult if you don't expect the college dating scene to be so centralized around hooking up.

Before Emily West became famous as a competitor (and later runner-up) in the 2014 season of "America's Got Talent," she was already a Nashville legend.

I had the biggest crush on her, and so apropos of nothing and without introduction, I brought a dozen white roses to a show she was playing at a sold-out club.

Sure, everyone knows that college is a lot more free as far as experimentation, partying, and sex, but does anyone expect 90% of dating to be hooking up?

With spring finally in full swing, and gardens around the nation starting to bloom, our latest dating survey surveyed 1300 Elite Singles members to find out the facts about flowers and love.

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