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Of course there’s also vodka (preferably Canadian vodka), hot sauce, green olive brine, white horseradish, Mott’s Clamato Extra Spicy and Pickled Bean.All that’s missing is the official name for this masterpiece.As you can imagine, Dan is a proud Canadian and, to celebrate Canada’s upcoming 150th — and National Caesar Day next month — Dan is showcasing his Canadian pride by creating the Dan Levy’s Caesar (the Caesar does have a solid Canadian heritage dating back to 1960s created in a Calgary restaurant).Dan includes all his favourite things in this special Caesar — from his own maple bacon recipe to an egg slider, tator tots, truffle salt and topped with a Timbit!Recently, though, near-tragedy struck the beloved bird.Afriendly bird and an eager socializer, Canuck showed up during the weekend of March 25-26 at a kids soccer tournament in east Vancouver. He eventually awakened, flew dazedly away and went missing for a long time.Bergman runs a Facebook page, Canuck and I, that keeps 43,000 Facebook fans up to date on Canucks adventures.Now hes recognizedand loved all over Vancouver — and across the internet.

Honour the life of someone special and celebrate special moments of someone who has touched your life. Your investment ensures we continue to provide the highest level of care to the children and families we serve for the duration of their time on our program.

He hung it from the roof of his barn, where it remained for over thirty years.

The Museum purchased the aircraft in 1962, and it was put on public display for the first time during Air Force Day in June of the same year.

Canuck has been "job shadowing" fair and Playland employees regularly for about three years, PNE spokesperson Laura Ballance said.

He's been known to spend time with staff members tasked with doling out cotton candy: "They'll be serving a customer and he'll walk in, get up on the cash register and hit the buttons on the cash register.

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He’s kind of famous, after all — mostly for stealing evidence from a crime scene.

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