Database not updating from stored procedures

When entering data textboxes and click delete button, delete from database with stored procedure. Simply I need 4 code part, Please also state your knowledge/experience and the areas of difficulty, since it's impossible to give you an answer when we don't know where to start.

As things stand right now, the answer would have to be a tiny application.

Query for creating table in our application:create table student(sno int primary key,sname varchar(50),course varchar(50),fee money,photo image) Design: Design the form as above with 1 Picture Box control, 1 Open File Dialog control, 4 Labels, 4 Text Boxes and 11 Buttons. Visual Basic': Goto Project Menu -If we store the location of an image in the database, and suppose if that image is deleted or moved from that location, we will face problems while retrieving the records.

Picture Box1 Properties: Border Style=Fixed3D; Size Mode=Strech Image Note that Open File Dialog control appears below the form (not on the form), which can be used for browsing an image. So it is better to convert image into binary data and insert that binary data into database and convert that back to image while retrieving records.

Fatal errors cause a procedure to abort processing and terminate the connection with the client application.

Non-fatal errors do not abort processing a procedure or affect the connection with the client application.

Private and global temporary stored procedures, analogous to temporary tables, can be created with the # and ## prefixes added to the procedure name.

Most of the time, the presentations are on performance tuning My SQL.SQL Server uses the sp_ prefix to designate system stored procedures.The name you choose may conflict with some future system procedure.Introduction to code: In order to communicate with SQL sever database, include the namespace In this application, we will search a record by taking input from the Input Box. We can convert an image into binary data using Open File Dialog Control: We use Open File Dialog control in order to browse for the images (photos) to insert into the record. Loading the constraint details into the data Table: In this app.

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When a non-fatal error occurs within a procedure, processing continues on the line of code that follows the one that caused the error.

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