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With no road access, Eustace enlists the help of Preston and a few more hired hands to travel by horseback, set up a rudimentary logging camp and use every bit of his mountain man ingenuity to harvest 100-foot tall trees.To the folks in Conway, South Carolina, Duncan Mayor is a very cranky guy.

Barry was a series of Residential versions of black music (gospel songs, blues, and jazz) just as Buckaroo Blues was covers of cowboy music.The half-hour show also included performances of The Residents' covers of Hank Williams's Jambalaya and Elvis's Burning Love.After the Tele 5 broadcast, The Residents were invited to perform at Lincoln Center for the Serious Fun Festival.Cube-E was not originally planned as a touring show.It grew out of various performance pieces which The Residents had been working on as early as 1987.

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