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One singer-actress is an old pro and the other a superb entertainer exploring a new avenue for her talent.(Note to Cher: In this instance, "old" is a good thing and a compliment.

Director Steve Antin told USA Today: “People think burlesque shows are rooted in some overtly sexual striptease with G-strings and pasties.” “But originally it was parody entertainment meant for the middle classes that was provocative, funny and always based in comedy. But it’s PG-13 sexy.” Burlesque will be released in the US on November 24. Related: Lena Dunham Sings Taylor's Praises Following Testimony! Cam, his girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff and their adorable daughter Everleigh Ray seemed to have a nice afternoon perusing the patch. In turn, she countersued him for sexually assaulting her as he allegedly "grabbed her ass" during a meet and greet back in 2013. He's been shooting a dark and scary movie, The Experiment, and Kristen Bell will be joining him, Cher, and Christina Aguilera in the sexy musical Burlesque.A small town singer, Ali (Christina Aguilera), moves to the big city for her chance at stardom where she is enchanted by Burlesque, a glamorous nightclub packed with dancers, sizzling music, and an owner (Cher) in need of a star.

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We're rooting for him and also hoping that some of his costars, namely Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart, attend the show, where we'll get new New Moon footage.

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