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Last week, my colleague Steven Millward wrote an excellent piece about China’s most popular social app, We Chat and how, despite the money owner Tencent poured into marketing via stars like Lionel Messi, the app simply hasn’t caught on outside of China.

In virtually every market Tencent targeted, We Chat is still playing second fiddle to Facebook’s apps. There are a lot of market-specific reasons if you do a deep dive. may not have been an important target in We Chat’s international expansion, but Brazil certainly was, and Indonesia was as well.

Users can send and receive text messages, instant voice messages, photos, group messages, and share their locations.

Users can also use a GPS function to see other users who are within a 1,000-meter radius of their GPS phones.

") Very splashy and fun, but also very thorough on Chinese phonology and grammar, and all written from the perspective of someone who struggled to learn Chinese and is now freely sharing the tricks, shortcuts, and explanations that make the most sense to English-speaking people.

But broadly, I think there are three big mistakes Tencent made with We Chat in its overseas expansion, and–not coincidentally–they’re mistakes that Chinese companies make a lot when they launch internationally. Yet even something as simple as sticker availability seems to betray that Tencent wasn’t putting as much effort into localizing We Chat in each international market as it could have been.

Of course, none of this is likely too upsetting to Tencent executives.

Also, the image of a man who was silent but strong, wise and kind, but could also whoop the bad guys was just, for me, the ultimate in manliness.

My interest in Chinese culture came first and bounced in and out of my life from I don’t remember when.

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