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Among these Paleo Indian artifacts sprouting in the springtime cornfields along the Spoon River are various other stones with no apparent useful function.Locally called field stones these rocks are a nuisance; wearing on the farmers implements and tripped over by us arrowhead hunters.The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music is designed to allow students to study music without the focus of a particular professional major (e.g. The program provides a strong emphasis in applied music, theory, and music literature with a broad block of general education studies.Multiple performance opportunities including solo recitals and participation in both large and small ensembles are available. in Music are prepared to enter a variety of fields.The lazy brown Spoon River in Illinois has seen humans come and go for over 13,000 years.

These stone age people left behind stone axes, adzes, and dart tips or "arrowheads".

Mystery Hill, the Upton Cave, Calendar I and Calendar II, Gungywamp and Druids Hill are just several of the names given some incredibly important historical sites of which many have never heard a whisper.

But their existenceand their importanceis becoming harder and harder to hide as more are discovered and interested folk become exposed to their grandeur.

By the break of day on July 27, 1648, the invaders had captured the entire western side of the city, including the castle, with its famous collections of art, rare books, and astronomical instruments.

Over the coming weeks, the Swedes tried several times to cross the Charles Bridge to seize the Old Town on the opposite bank of the Vltava River, but were repelled by a ragtag force of townspeople and Jesuit priests.

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Simultaneously, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of oddly-inscribed flagstones were being found in the surrounding New England woods, carted off by farmers for use in stone walls or in larger stone structures in the settlements of the growing northeast.

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