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Of course, because this is the internet, that 14-year-old girl turned out to be a 41-year-old man.The man, who posted comments as a fake Twitter account Self Cutting Girl alleges he received gifts including a Macbook. Detailing it all on Pastebin, the catfisher who apparently goes by the handle Big Giant Head provided no evidence of any interaction other than a detailed and honest-seeming story — not exactly a chore for someone who alleges that they spend their time catfishing though.When Ron called Dave, he interrupted him playing WWE with his son, Stanny Mac.Dave explained his kid was playing Stone Cold and The Game vs Tyler Breeze and Titus O’Neil.Today on our hit list, we have a triple threat making her way.A TV reporter, an actress and a model, Jill Marie Nicolini is currently a traffic reporter on CBS News This Morning on WCBS-TV.While the story of Anthony getting catfished was posted two years ago, only recently has the discussion come to light on Reddit with different users making allegations about the satellite radio shock jock’s proclivities and who on his staff may or may not be involved with it all.Anthony was fired from the Opie & Anthony Show over an off-screen brouhaha in which he was involved in a racially-involved incident which then turned into a racially-fueled Twitter tirade. Perhaps seeking to stem the tide on this new incident, the show host, who now runs his own program on satellite radio, jumped on Reddit to defend himself, utilizing a verified account he’d once made to do an AMA.

And they were so creatively there for me, it was really great.Davey Mac has revealed the name of the show, the logo, and the date and time of the premiere but little else so legendary radio host Ron Bennington interviewed Dave for The Interrobang, about Dave’s vision for his new show, why his logo is a cobra, and why former podcast co-host Chris Stanley isn’t joining him on the new platform.Prior to joining up with the Anthony Cumia Network, Dave did a weekly podcast known as the Davey Mac Sports Program, as well as hosting the Sam and Dave Show, The Watchers, and the East Side Dave and Son Wrestling Show.The old school wrestling Nintendo games like Mickey Rourke plays in The Wrestler, those were so much easier.Warning: Video contains graphic language Disgraced former “Opie and Anthony” radio host Anthony Cumia was arrested after a fight with his girlfriend, which she partially captured via live streaming video...

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