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On 24 April 2009, Fong and Kary Ng appeared at the Melbourne Arts Center for their 2009 Melbourne show.Fong competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics as part of the Hong Kong Swimming Team.Ah Wah followed Bo home where they had another argument. Ah Wah comes along and promises that if there is no way he could provide taxi for Bo, then they will divorce. He recalled how he had a lot of fun and happy times with Bo.Ah Wah was chased out to the street, and he did not want to be homeless. In Josephine's house, Ah Wah drank bottles and bottles of beer, while Josephine told Ah Wah how much she loved him. Bo was furious; she moved to one of her friend's house to stay. Ah Wah called for a taxi on his cell phone at least four times.They asked the outside not to make other speculation to harm either one of them.In the afternoon Stephy on social media explained the reason for the break up and said that it was a very solemn decision.After trying to develop his career in the mainland, Keung has returned to work in Hong Kong while Bo has stayed in Hong Kong to run a wedding consultancy firm.

At work they remained good partners and privately they were still good friends.One day, Ah Wah was promoting his "Pets Funeral Service" on one of the busy streets in Causeway Bay, and he saw Josephine (Pace Wu) who was his former tutor. Josephine was abandoned by her boyfriend, and Ah Wah was trying to help her to get through her hard times. Soon after, Bo wants to go to Japan to see snow and for a trip. Ah Wah did not want to (it was too expensive) since Bo has a debt to Ah Wah's parents.Ah Wah suggested to go to Shenzhen, but Bo was too mad. It was at that moment that their once "perfect" love started to fade. She graduated from Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education's Department of Fashion Design.In 2002, she joined Hong Kong music group Cookies and became the lead singer.

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