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Our team of The Virtual Sexgame Review will inform you as soon as possible when we know the exact date this groundbreaking new virtual sex game will be released. Don´t miss the new generation of virtual online sex!

The video conference of the future has arrived, and it’s every bit as out-of-this-world as a “Star Wars” hologram.

What results is two people talking to life-like projected images of each other. Besides just the sheer awesome factor, Telehuman gives users the ability to convey body language that would be lost on a flat display, bringing the experience closer to face-to-face communications in the real world.

You can even walk around the entire perimeter of the person's image and see their back and sides. Well, you don't have to be a professor to answer that question, rhetorical as it may be.

"Why Skype when you can talk to a life-size 3D holographic image of another person? Remember when you watched the Jetsons and their awesome video phones, and couldn't wait for the real, live version? Instead of getting to hide behind the blissfully blind telephone, now you, your bed head, your shirt stain, the broccoli in your teeth from last night's dinner (maybe?

) and the bags under your eyes get all up in the face of your boss, your coworkers and your loved ones ... On the plus side, we reckon Telehuman would take webcam sexy time to a whole different level – at least before you go crashing through the pod and destroy thousands of dollars of equipment in a hormone-entranced outburst.

By the way, Chathouse 3D is being produced by thri XXX, the legendary makers of famous interactive 3D sex-simulation-games like 3D Sexvilla 2, Hentai 3D or 3D Gayvilla.

The pod consists of a 6.5-foot cylinder, with a stereoscopic Depth Q projector and an Nvidia 3D Vision Kit built into the bottom.

The Club Cooee 3D chat is loaded with possibilities.

Full Version Download The thri XXX software-developers have a lot of experience in creating amazing 3D sex-simulation-games, but Chathouse 3D will go one step further than the usual thri XXX-games: Chathouse 3D will enable you to have virtual online sex with REAL sex-mates connected to the internet – and we are sure, this will be the new dimension of Online Sex Games!

First and foremost Chathouse 3D Roulette will be an online network where you can find like-minded sex-lovers from all around the world.

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It will be even possible to have sex with multiple chat-partners at the same time.

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